UAEJJ Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London Champion

UAEJJ Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London Champion

On March 9-10th in London, UK the UAEJJF (United Arab Emirates Jiu Jitsu Federation) hosted the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. This event brought athletes from all over Europe, Middle East, South America, North America and Asia. This tournament is a very prestigious tournament held few times a year all over the world. From Ares Kenny Kim BJJ we had 3 masters black belts who participated in the tournament. This event brought the best of the best from all over the world and Professor Kenny was able to capture the gold medal in his respected division. Congratulations to Professor Tracy Conner and Professor Ryan Ellison on giving their best in the tournament, we are very proud of you all!

Also one of the heads of Ares BJJ association and training partner Professor Samir Chantre was able to capture the silver medal in his division. Congratulations! We are not just a team but we are #aresbjjfamily


More than Jiu Jitsu...

team outing

When we say we are a family we mean it! Jiu Jitsu gives us the platform to better ourselves but without training partners it would be pretty difficult to make any improvements. We pride in our academy for truly having a "family environment" and our team outing really confirmed it. We all have busy lives with work, family and trying to squeeze in BJJ in between but the amount of interest we had at our team outing was truly amazing. We had around 50 students who came out and tested their bowling skills while enjoying this fun time off the mats. What's funny was just as we are competitive on the mats everyone was super competitive to bowl better than other team mates which made it even more enjoyable. See, when you register and become a student of our academy you are becoming more than someones training partner rather you are becoming our friend, brother, sister, and part of a new family. Where should our next team outing be? Can't wait because I'm sure it will be bigger, better, and more memorable. 

Great Seminar with Ares BJJ Black Belt Aluizio Moizinho


Before the IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open we had the pleasure of having one of Ares BJJ Association's top level black belt share some techniques with us. Some fine little details to tweak our game. The mats were full, energy was high and our students made it even more special. We wish the best of luck to everyone competing at the open. Thank You all for the support.