Ares BJJ Atlanta Open camp, conference and tournament

We are fairly a new team coming up in the jiu jitsu world and have accomplished so much in the last 2-3 years. Just as our mission statement we wanted to spend more time with our friends and team mates as we share this jiu jitsu journey. This week we were able to accomplish big things as a TEAM. We hosted a training camp for all team members which packed the mats every single session and managed to host a business conference for the owners and operators of individual academies from California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and more. We also managed to become the Kids overall champions for the Kids Open. We have some big name teams representing here in Georgia and we also managed to come in 4th overall as a team. These are small steps we are taking towards a big goal. Congratulations to everyone who trained, made weight and tested themselves this weekend, you make us all proud! Let’s keep using this momentum to mover forward on our goals on the mats.

Why are you paying so much for your kid to train jiu jitsu?

One of my friends asked "Why would you pay so much money for your kid to train jiu jitsu”? Well I have a confession to make; I don't INVEST the money for my kid to train.

So, if I am not paying for him/her to just train jiu jitsu, what am I paying for?
- I pay for those moments when my son/daughter becomes so tired he wants to quit but doesn't.
- I pay for those days when my son/daughter comes home from school and is "too tired or too sore" to go to practice but goes anyway.
- I pay for my son/daughter to learn to be disciplined, focused, and dedicated.
- I pay for my son/daughter to learn to take care of his/her body and his equipment.
- I pay for my son/daughter to learn to work with others and to be a good team mate, gracious in defeat, and humble in success.
- I pay for my son/daughter to learn to deal with disappointment, when he/she doesn't get that win he'd/she'd hoped for, but he goes back week after week giving it his/her best shot.
- I pay for my son/daughter to learn to make and accomplish goals.
- I pay for my son/daughter to respect, not only him/herself, but other teammates, referees and coaches.
- I pay for my son/daughter to learn that it takes hours and hours, years and years, of hard work and practice to create a champion and that success does not happen overnight on and off the mats.
- I pay for my son/daughter to be proud of small achievements, and to work towards long term goals.
- I pay for the opportunity my son/daughter has and will have to make life-long friendships, create lifelong memories, to be as proud of their achievements as I am.
- I pay so that my son/daughter can be out on the mat instead of in front of a screen...
...I could go on but, to be short, I don't pay for the techniques; I pay for the opportunities that jiu jitsu provides my kid to develop attributes that will serve him/her well throughout his/her life and give the opportunity to bless the lives of others. From what I have seen so far I think it is a great investment! (Borrowed and Adapted)

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UAEJJ Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London Champion

UAEJJ Abu Dhabi Grand Slam London Champion

On March 9-10th in London, UK the UAEJJF (United Arab Emirates Jiu Jitsu Federation) hosted the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam. This event brought athletes from all over Europe, Middle East, South America, North America and Asia. This tournament is a very prestigious tournament held few times a year all over the world. From Ares Kenny Kim BJJ we had 3 masters black belts who participated in the tournament. This event brought the best of the best from all over the world and Professor Kenny was able to capture the gold medal in his respected division. Congratulations to Professor Tracy Conner and Professor Ryan Ellison on giving their best in the tournament, we are very proud of you all!

Also one of the heads of Ares BJJ association and training partner Professor Samir Chantre was able to capture the silver medal in his division. Congratulations! We are not just a team but we are #aresbjjfamily


Training tips during the Holidays


The holiday season is right around the corner. Starting off with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it will be filled with family, feasts and for some of us, missed training (we will stay open but for a select couple days).  As amazing as the anticipation of the holiday season can seem with its lure of time off from work, from school and from our normal routine, we must be careful that we don't derail the progress we've made by straying too far from our routine we’ve kept all year around and lifestyle we follow throughout the rest of the year.  Here are just a few ways that training jiu jitsu can help ensure that your holiday season is the best it possibly can be this year!  By applying a few of the aspects of the BJJ lifestyle you follow year round can make the holidays more festive and healthy for you.

There are so many causes of stress during the holiday season.  First off, the changing of seasons and the onset of the cooler weather tends to force people to be indoors much more which can lead to periods of relative inactivity compared to the rest of the year.  In addition, the shorter days, especially if you're in the part of the world where daylight savings time brings utter darkness by dinner time, the lack of sunshine can be very depressing and can actually lead to conditions like Vitamin D deficiency and seasonal depression.

As wonderful as our families may be, the annual social gatherings filled with people you don't see the rest of the year can be stressful in itself.  Holiday classic films like Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Christmas Vacation come to life for many of us as we spend extra time planning, traveling and visiting with as many family members as we can during this special time.  Even if you enjoy this process, it is still stressful.  It is still a change to your normal routine and can impact your health and well being.

How can jiu jitsu help us during these hectic festivities?  Science has long shown that physical activity of any kind can help relieve stress by helping to release excess energy and release endorphins.  BJJ can also do so much more because of the community that surrounds you at your academy.  Chances are you have friends and peers who also train.  Being around those folks can help fight off the winter time blues and give you a welcome break from the Aunt Marthas of the world.

With that said, it's important to try to be as consistent in your training as you possibly can.  Your instructors and coaches have families and responsibilities too, so there is a good chance that your academy may be closed during some of the holiday season more than usual.  Do you best to get in training while the gym is open.  Rearrange your schedule if Thursday (Thanksgiving) is a typical day you plan to train and your gym is closed.  Some academies also offer Open Mats in lieu of regular classes during this time.  This can be a great way to squeeze in an extra hour or so of training, when your gym was supposed to be closed.

So what do you do if your gym is closed or you're traveling for the holiday season?  If you're planning to travel, it's always to see if there are other gyms in the area that you might be able to check out.  Most BJJ academies are amazingly hospitable and if they're having classes or open mats, will welcome you.  But let's say you've tried that and there is no one open in the vicinity where you find yourself.  What can you do?  Anything you want, do another physical activity of any kind to keep yourself moving.  Yoga and BJJ-related body exercises (shrimps, bridges, etc.) are something you can do anytime with limited space.  A short weight training circuit can do wonders for your stress level even if you have to utilize the limited options at a hotel fitness center.  Twenty minutes is all you need to make sure the rest of your day is festive.

Jiu Jitsu and Holiday Overeating

Coupled with the stress that the holiday season can bring, the prevalence of huge feasts can be a daunting obstacle to your jiu jitsu goals.  Whether it's the potluck buffet at work, or the holiday dinner with relatives, the chances of overeating are high this time of year.  You just spent 6 hours in the car listening to Christmas Carols on your way to your relatives house.  What better way to numb your suffering but through a pile of mashed potatoes and half a pumpkin pie.

Sticking as closely to your jiu jitsu training schedule can help with these holiday binges by helping to burn off some of the calories you may be consuming.  It has also been shown that physical activity can sometimes curb one's appetite and help minimize the amount that you eat.  If you are lucky enough to be able to train on the morning of Thanksgiving for instance, there can be a truly satisfying feeling having just rolled for an hour or two before sitting down to dinner.

What are some other things you can do to help control yourself and possibly minimize the damage should you veer off course?


This is one of the main tips that Tom DeBlass gives out when giving someone any type of nutritional advice.  He has stated in the past that he's seen dozens of people lose upwards of 10 lbs of weight making no changes to their nutritional approach except adding one gallon of water intake to their daily plan.


When you're rushing around and dealing with the hectic holiday season, it's easy to skip meals or go long periods without eating.  This makes us prime targets for binge eating and will make even the toughest, most disciplined athlete weak in the face of that cookie and dessert table.  Plan in advance and have plenty of healthy snacks available.  Protein and healthy fats can be some of the best items to snack on.  Eggs, nuts, greek yogurt, and low fat cheeses can be quick snacks that will give you a few hundred calories to keep you satiated and possibly save you a few thousand calories of mindless binge eating later.

The Holiday Season and BJJ Community

The holiday season is predicated on the importance of gathering together with your friends and families and enjoying quality time.  This goes for your jiu jitsu family as well.  Perhaps your school plans holiday get togethers.  Do you best to support and get everyone involved in these events.  We cannot be successful without our teammates and this time of year can be a great time to acknowledge them.  

Jiu Jitsu can be a life changing art that can inform your life year round, especially during the holidays.  It will help you stay calm under pressure, burn off some stress and extra calories.  By staying consistent you will eliminate the holiday layoff and the challenging return that can sometimes follow.  You will also get a jump on those New Years resolutions and be way ahead of the competition!

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Youth Competition Team, CHAMPION minded

kids comp.jpg

It’s rare to see kids nowadays commit to anything long term especially when it requires them to sweat, work hard and put in multiple hours per week. That’s exactly what these Champions have in common “HARD WORK” ethics and never give up attitude. Our Youth Competition Team have been making a great name for themselves in the local competition scene with the leadership of our head coach Professor Gazzy Parman and assistant coach Professor Kenny Seger.

It’s not the medals they win or lose but it’s the winning “champion” attitude that makes them special on and off the mats. Sometimes the practices are hard and it takes a toll on them but with the support of their parents these kids seem to thrive off the energy they surround themselves with. On the mats they are pushed to do their best regardless of the outcome and are taught that if they want to win (in jiu jitsu and in everyday life) that they must put in the time and effort and that nothing will come easy. Our champions are taught to get out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to fully reach their hidden potential and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Congratulations on all your success and we are so proud to be along side your jiu jitsu journey!

NFC #111 Black Belt Champion- Will Edmondson

A big congratulations to Will Edmondson on his black belt debut at NFC #111 (Professional Jiu Jitsu Invitational Super Fights) this past Saturday held at the Center Stage. He stayed calm, collective and played his game and got the W. A Big thanks to all the students and friends who came out to show support and team spirit. You are a big part of the team and a inspiration for our students. We are lucky to have you by our side! We are so very proud of you! Congratulations to all athletes who went out there and put on a show, the jiu jitsu community is truly amazing.

Graduation and Team Growth

Sept 2018 Team Picture

Sept 2018 Team Picture

This past Saturday Sept 15th we hosted our seminar and semi annual belt graduation ceremony with close to 150 students in attendance. Even though we were missing another 40-50% of our student body it was a huge success. We had close to 60 new students who were promoted to their respected next ranks including 7 black belts! YES 7 new black belts!! this is huge!!!

Back about 10 years ago it was actually a big deal to have 1 black belt in the academy but we are now at 10 black belts who will be training and lending a hand on a daily bases. Congratulations to ALL students who were promoted and can’t wait to see you all on the mat!

Ares Kenny Kim BJJ here in Marietta has been on a very strong and fast growth spur and we can’t be any happier! With the growth of the academy and our team we will strive to keep the quality of the classes to a maximum level and will ensure the best experience for everyone stepping on the mat here in the metro Atlanta area. Thank You all for your continued support and can’t wait to see what the next couple years will bring us.

Kenny Kim

Black Belts

Black Belts

2018 Fall Belt Award Ceremony

fall belt award ceremony

Please join us for our bi-annual belt promotions. Friends and families are encourage to attend. ALL students are required to be in WHITE gi's with academy patch. This promotion will be even more special with black belt guests and multiple black belts being promoted. Please mark your calendars and don't miss this event!

On Friday Sept 14th We will be hosting a special seminar with Osvaldo "Quexinho" Moizinho


More than Jiu Jitsu...

team outing

When we say we are a family we mean it! Jiu Jitsu gives us the platform to better ourselves but without training partners it would be pretty difficult to make any improvements. We pride in our academy for truly having a "family environment" and our team outing really confirmed it. We all have busy lives with work, family and trying to squeeze in BJJ in between but the amount of interest we had at our team outing was truly amazing. We had around 50 students who came out and tested their bowling skills while enjoying this fun time off the mats. What's funny was just as we are competitive on the mats everyone was super competitive to bowl better than other team mates which made it even more enjoyable. See, when you register and become a student of our academy you are becoming more than someones training partner rather you are becoming our friend, brother, sister, and part of a new family. Where should our next team outing be? Can't wait because I'm sure it will be bigger, better, and more memorable. 


What a day! We attended the FUJI BJJ Georgia State Championships and had a blast! Our kids and adults team represented well and won the team trophy 🏆 for Adults and Overall. I am extremely proud of everyone’s accomplishments and dedication to the sport and our team. Special shout out to Professor  Gazzy Parman  for making little killer kids,  Kenny Seger ,  Dustin R. Waters  and  Will Edmondson  for their leadership. What a fun day and can’t wait to do it again!  #aresbjjkennykim

What a day! We attended the FUJI BJJ Georgia State Championships and had a blast! Our kids and adults team represented well and won the team trophy 🏆 for Adults and Overall. I am extremely proud of everyone’s accomplishments and dedication to the sport and our team. Special shout out to Professor Gazzy Parman for making little killer kids, Kenny SegerDustin R. Waters and Will Edmondson for their leadership. What a fun day and can’t wait to do it again! #aresbjjkennykim

Spring Break Modified Schedule April 2-7th.


The academy will be on a modified schedule during the 2018 Spring Break week April 2nd - 7th. 

ALL kids classes will be  canceled on this week and will resume back to normal schedule Monday April 9th. This is a great opportunity to take a few days off and enjoy the break whether you are out of town or in town. 

We will be combining ALL adult classes Monday through Thursday. The ALL level class will be held at 7pm (Gi class). Friday 6pm positional training and Saturday (April 7th 1230pm) all level classes will remain on the same schedule. 

Monday 6am, Wednesday and Friday Noon classes will also be canceled. 

Please mark your calendars and hope you all have an awesome spring break! 

Ares BJJ-Kenny Kim-Atlanta Open


This past weekend our team Ares BJJ-Kenny Kim participated in the Atlanta Open Championships and it really showed how strong our team was. There were wins and loses but the amount of support we had for one another was something incredible. A big group of guys/gals who weren't competing still came out to support the teammates competing and stuck around to cheer them on. See, a tournament isn't always about winning or losing but the unity it brings to the team and the support we show each other. We also had members from other Ares BJJ Association that competed with pride representing our name, we are proud of ALL of you and Thank You! You are why our team is so very special. Next one will be in May so let's start preparing now and have a good showing! 


Great Seminar with Ares BJJ Black Belt Aluizio Moizinho


Before the IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open we had the pleasure of having one of Ares BJJ Association's top level black belt share some techniques with us. Some fine little details to tweak our game. The mats were full, energy was high and our students made it even more special. We wish the best of luck to everyone competing at the open. Thank You all for the support. 

The Hidden Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


The Hidden Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian jiu jitsu is more than just a sport. It’s more than a martial art. It’s a way to change your life. You hear a lot of people talk about the jiu jitsu lifestyle, but what does that mean? Does it mean you train all day? Does it mean you surf and then head to class? Brazilian jiu jitsu’s benefits go beyond anything you can see. Often it’s the things you can’t see that have the biggest impact on your lifestyle.

The Physical Benefits

Walk into any academy and talk to some of the students who have just started training Brazilian jiu jitsu and ask them what it’s has done for them. Most respond with things like, “I lost so much weight,” or, “My body is so much more flexible now.” Some talk about how much strength they have gained or how they are in better shape. The fact that Brazilian jiu jitsu will change your body cannot be denied. You can physically see your body changing with every day or week. What you can’t see is the improvements in your overall health as a result of training.

Everyone associates exercise with a look. People want to look a certain way. You won’t likely hear many people say, “I workout so I can lower my cholesterol.” The only people who say that are the ones who went to the doctor and found out they have high cholesterol and need to exercise. BJJ is no different. Students rarely walk through the door looking to improve their blood sugar, but I always tell people the best part about exercise is the stuff you can’t see. Keep this in mind when you get frustrated training. No matter how many times you got submitted, you are still doing something positive for your health.

On top of that, BJJ teaches you how to use your body as one unit. In our current society where most of the day is spent sitting, driving, or working at a computer, the body develops some strange and unnatural movement patterns.  The body awareness that BJJ teaches you is priceless. With an increase in body awareness, strength and mobility will soon follow. You can’t see improvements in strength on the mats necessarily, but in the weight room you can see the numbers on your lifts increasing. On the mats it’s harder to see, but it’s something you can feel. Improvements in mobility show up during techniques and drills that at first were difficult to complete but now you are able to move your hips better. Improvements in mobility will keep you on the mats training for a long time.

The Mental Benefits

Beyond any physical improvements that come as a result of Brazilian jiu jitsu are the mental improvements that are often overlooked. First, the process of learning a technique requires as much mental activity as it does physical. In order to learn a technique you must practice it over and over. You study the technique just like you would a subject for school, and then learn to apply it. Learning to apply the technique can be the most challenging part. When attempting a new move during live rolling or drilling it can be difficult to complete. In order to improve you must keep attempting the technique over and over again. Then drill it some more and try again for months, sometimes years before you start catching people during rolling. 

If you are the type of person that when things get hard you get frustrated and quit, BJJ is not your sport. In life when things get frustrating do you walk away or keep pushing forward? Just like learning a technique, if you quit you will never learn. This is true for any goal. On the path to reach that goal there are going to be times of frustration and if you stop you will never reach the top. 

One of the hidden benefits of BJJ is what the struggle of learning, drilling, and rolling does for you. Walking into a class after spending months learning a technique, attempting it, and being crushed by everyone is not a good feeling. What is a good feeling is walking in the next day and trying it again. The mental strength to keep pushing even when things are not going your way will show up in other areas of your life outside of the gym.

And things don’t always go our way, in the gym or in life. Everyone has stress in their lives. It’s how we deal with the stress that is important. BJJ is a great stress relief. After a long day at work or school, you can walk into the academy and everything goes away. The last thing you want to think about when someone is trying to armbar or choke you is your bad day at work. BJJ requires focus. When your instructor is showing technique, if you are not paying attention you could miss a key detail. That key detail could be the difference between completing the move or getting your guard passed.

Another benefit is that training allows for you to “let your anger out.” During rolling and drilling you can take that anger and built-up frustration and release it on the mat. Roll hard. Let it out. You will find after an intense rolling or drilling session you will feel better. Use the academy as an outlet. It’s one to two hours where the time is yours. No one is going to be asking you about your bad day at work while rolling. Training time is your time.

Thank You and Happy New Year!


Another year has passed and we are blessed to be starting the New Year on the mats.  2017 was a great year just like all the other years but for me personally it was even more special.. I was blessed with a son to enjoy this journey we call life. There were a lot of growth within the academy and I see it growing even more in 2018. I want to personally thank you (students, parents, friends, training parters, and even the haters) for having the confidence in Kenny Kim Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and for your continued support and friendship. My goal for 2018 is to strengthen our team even more and provide an outlet for anyone interested in benefiting from jiu jitsu and continue to open our doors for non political jiu jitsu environment for all BJJ practitioners. Again, I'm beyond thankful and I wish everyone lots of love, laughter, health, and success in the new year! 

2017 Academy of the Year - Ares BJJ Association


This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending our association year end party/banquet.

We had the pleasure of winning the 2017 Academy of the Year award. This is proof that we are growing in a positive direction and our academy is flourishing with great jiu jitsu and most importantly with amazing people. We can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for us here at Kenny Kim BJJ and Ares BJJ Association. Thank You all for a fantastic year!!