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team outing

When we say we are a family we mean it! Jiu Jitsu gives us the platform to better ourselves but without training partners it would be pretty difficult to make any improvements. We pride in our academy for truly having a "family environment" and our team outing really confirmed it. We all have busy lives with work, family and trying to squeeze in BJJ in between but the amount of interest we had at our team outing was truly amazing. We had around 50 students who came out and tested their bowling skills while enjoying this fun time off the mats. What's funny was just as we are competitive on the mats everyone was super competitive to bowl better than other team mates which made it even more enjoyable. See, when you register and become a student of our academy you are becoming more than someones training partner rather you are becoming our friend, brother, sister, and part of a new family. Where should our next team outing be? Can't wait because I'm sure it will be bigger, better, and more memorable.